Saturday, June 12, 2010

hey hi hello!

trying to show off new hair and glasses - failed attempt. pook was being a grumpy pants.

i tried a new portrait with a new cat. fail #2. star wouldn't stop biting my wrist

hey hi hello! how are you friends? i'm super excited for this coming week -- wednesday - friday is Hello Craft's 2nd Summit of Awesome!!!! I am SO EXCITED TO GO TO THIS!!!! it happens to be in Portland this year. I get to meet a bunch of my crafty idols and take a ton of classes about running a crafty business! DUDES. it's gonna be amazing. yes yes yes.

and speaking of craftiness -- here's the newest item in my shop!

Vintage Matchbook Notepads! check it out..

i sell them in packs of 4 here. hello awesome!!