Tuesday, September 01, 2009

what's your day dream?

holga photograph by somavenus!

i dream of buying an old air stream and convertng it into an art studio.
hitting the road and doing shows/zine fests/etsy/etc on the way.
travel all over the country and maybe stop back into portland from time to time to say hello.
the cats would be my roadies and i'd be the crazy cat lady artist gypsy :D

what's your dream?


xoelle said...

can I just borrow your dream? It sounds perfect!

Mine is similiar, as it includes art, travel, and adventures- and the northwest. It's still in the process of coming to life- so it's changing all of the time. =)

Blissful Blooms Paper said...

Wow! Can I come along!? Fantastic dream!

Sara said...

Hmm.. my dream at the moment:

To have a big, beautiful garden full of yummy vegetables and lots of perennials. Oh, and I want to have a few goats too :) Baby goats!