Sunday, January 30, 2011

dusting off the blog!

hello friends!

wow has it really been since JULY that i said hello?! so much has happened since then!!
the biggest news being I quit my day job to be a full time artist! woohoo! i will have so much time to make new products, branch out into new product lines, participate in shows (portland saturday market??), and most importantly BE HAPPY :D

i have lots of new products since i last posted, so be sure to check out my shop :)

more big news - i moved to Portland (from the 'burbs of portland) in October! I absolutely love my new place. It's this cute charming apartment built in the 1940's with lots of character. I finally got around to posting pictures of it here on my flickr:

i launched a new line of prints as well as cassette tape books as well! I have so many ideas running through my head - and i have to say one of my favorite things about being self employed is that i can take off on a road trip photo adventure whenever i please!! Check out the photos from my last photo adventure here: and here:

whew! and i haven't shared the BIGGEST news! I will share that next week ;) I hope that you're all well, and please stick around, because i promise to be a frequent blogger now that i have time :)

latest photo adventure.. i have a knack for finding the most amazing secret hiding spots!! looking out at the dear pacific ocean on the Oregon Coast!


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A Serenade for Solitude said...

Hi! Congrats on your front page Etsy interview! Your books are lovely and very unique. I run a little bookmark shop on etsy and it is a lot of fun, too. I'm about anything book or writing related, so I love your books!

Congrats again on the successes!