Tuesday, February 08, 2011

my big secret...

remember last post i told you about a HUGE secret? :D

I am honored and proud and at a loss for words at how excited I am to be this weeks featured seller on Quit Your Day Job!!

You can read the full interview here:



mindianna said...

I loved reading your Quit Your Day Job interview! So inspiring :)

Studio8687 said...

thats great

Beckoline said...

I read your "Quit Your Day Job" and my jaw dropped!! I think our cats (orange and white) could be twins, I have the same blue IKEA pillows as you, and I absolutely love the Oregon Coast (paid it a visit in 2008). I swear I'm not a crazy stalker chick!!! :) Just shows how small the world is. I am hoping to open my Etsy shop in March, and am so motivated by the "Quit Your Day Job" articles. Congrats!

Twilight Zone:
shot of twin kitty and pillows

Oregon Coast

somavenus said...

@Mindianna thank you so much :D the best part of doing the interview was hearing that it inspires others to take the leap :D yay!!

@studio8687 thank you so much :)

@Beckoline WOW!! twin cats and pillows!!!! and your Oregon Coast photograph is absolutely breath taking! nice to meet you :D